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Technitect offers a variety of testing and assessment services both as stand-alone tests and as part of a commissioning or an assessment suite. We have a wide variety of commercial and industrial grade test equipment for use in our testing, and we follow national and international standards (such as ANSI, ASTM, ISO, and IEC) where available for our test procedures and data analysis. When standards are not available, testing is based on industry best practices from a variety of sources including InfoComm, industry references, and our own 30-year experience in acoustics and pro AV.

Tests may be performed on existing facilities as part of an individual room or campus-wide assessment. Assessments are generally very detailed and cover all aspects of the facility encompassing the electronics and facility design, the installation quality, and the operational features of the technology and the space. The space plan, sight lines, room finishes, acoustics, lighting and furnishings are all part of the architectural review. Audio, video and control systems design and installation are all covered for the electronic systems.

Assessing System Performance

The scope of an assessment can vary depending on the client’s needs, but the effort generally focusses first on the endpoint performance of the systems for the users:

    • Video and audio performance from system input to system output, including the effect of the environment on the user experience.
    • Assessments also include a detailed review of the design and installation as it relates to the user needs for a given facility, and a look at the installation, its quality, and its effect on the system performance in addition to the design.
    • Finally, a review of the control system interface design, implentation, and performance is conducted, since the control system is the generally the key to a system’s success or failure, often regardless of audio and video performance.

Testing Services

Testing and reporting may be performed for many reasons, including third-party commissioning services, existing system assessments, and general field performance of systems or facility design and construction. The suite of tests performed depends on the facility and purpose of the testing. Some of the tests that we can conduct are listed below.

Applicable Standards and References
Acoustical Testing
Sound Isolation:
FSTC: Field Sound Transmission Class
ASTC: Apparent Sound Transmission Class
NIC: Noise Isolation Class
NNIC: Normalized Noise Isolation Class
Rw: ISO Sound Transmission Index
FOITC: Field Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class
OINIC: Noise Isolation Class
ASTM E1332
ISO 717-1
Acoustical Testing
Impact Isolation:
IIC: Impact Isolation Class
Ln,w: Normalized weighted impact sound index
ASTM E1007
ISO 717-2
Acoustical Testing
Background Noise:
RC: Room Criterion
NC: Noise Criterion
dBA: A-Weighted Sound Pressure Level
RTA: Real Time Analysis / Spectral Measurement
Leq: Equivalent Continuous Noise Level
ANSI 1.42
Acoustical References
Acoustical Testing
Other Measurements:
RT60: Decay / Reverberation Time in Seconds
STI: Speech Transmission Index
• Classroom Acoustics per ANSI S12.60
ASTM E-1130
Acoustical References
Audio Testing

• Audio Coverage
• Frequency Response
• Loudspeaker Polarity
• Loudspeaker Impedance
• Sound Masking System Performance
• Echo Cancellation Performance

ANSI/InfoComm 1M
AV Best Practices
Audio Industry References
Video and Lighting Testing

• Display Contrast Ratio
• Display Light Output (ANSI Lumens, nits)
• Video Display Alignment
• Lighting For Video and Conferencing

ANSI/InfoComm 3M
IEC 61947-1
Upcoming ANSI Standards
IES Design Guide 17
IES Handbook
AV Best Practices
Video Industry References
Control System Assessments

• Assessments of functionality, performance, and GUI user-friendliness.

AV Best Practices
Dashboard for Controls
AV Control References
AV and Conferencing System Assessments

• Documentation
• Needs Analysis
• Design Review
• Installation Assessment

ANSI/InfoComm 2M
AV Best Practices
AV Industry References