AV Technology Management Consulting: Services

We offer a range of services that together provide a complete cycle of assessment, analysis and implementation. These services are not project design, they are organizational design. Once completed, the intent is for the organization and processes to be self-sustaining within the overall organization, both to maintain quality of the operation and adapt as needed as the organization changes.

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AV Technology Assessment

For the assessment phase, we look at how the organization currently works and review the environment organizationally, technologically, and physically. Assessment areas include:

  • Existing AV operation processes for procurement, operations, maintenance, help desk, installation, commissioning, training, budgeting
  • AV systems, existing and planned
  • Organizational goals
  • Organizational structure and culture
  • Physical facilities
  • Interfaces with other groups such as facilities, contracting, and IT
  • Process ChartAnalyze, Recommend, and Report

Once the data gathering is completed, the information is analyzed and recommendations are developed for each area. A report is developed that includes what was done, who was involved, and what is recommended to optimize the AV organization. Issues, observations, recommendations are delineated. Total cost of ownership is used in the analysis as a tool for both process development and lifecycle planning.


The report provides the roadmap for improvement of the processes and the organization. In the implementation phase, the mechanics of the recommended processes and structures would be developed. Documents that support the processes would be developed as needed, such as:

  • AV systems design guidelines for procurement and implementation.
  • Base AV room configurations and standards.
  • Commissioning criteria and guidelines for bringing systems online and closing out AV provider contracts.
  • Graphical User Interface standards for AV systems.
  • Tools and guidelines for the facilities group to use in developing new spaces and working with the technical teams.
  • Procurement and contracting guidelines for qualifying and engaging AV providers.
  • Document management process development in cooperation with the technology and facilities teams for maintaining and accessing system documentation for ongoing maintenance, support and planning.
  • Lifecycle planning and budgeting for new and updated AV systems.
  • Training content development for ongoing internal training and planning for external training programs where appropriate.
  • Other services may be provided during implementation depending on the organization. Please contact Tim Cape to discuss your organization’s path to improved performance.