AV Technology Management Consulting: Background

Why AV Technology Management?

Many AV management organizations have been developed on an ad hoc basis as AV systems have accumulated in the organization’s facilities. Some are just getting to the point of needing developing and optimizing processes and organizations to support AV. We can help by analyzing current and future needs and environments, and developing internal processes for implementing and supporting AV functions over time.

Managing AV

AV is an organizational tool that can be critical to the mission and success of the organization. On the surface, AV often isn’t seen as a mission-critical component (at least until the CEO can’t get the boardroom AV system to work!). But underneath, AV can be a significant part of the productivity equation, and can have a huge effect on customer satisfaction both within and outside the organization.

A good example is colleges and universities, where AV must be considered mission-critical. It’s one of the primary tools used in the classroom every day by both students and faculty, not to mention the AV systems in working conference rooms, distance education facilities, and research facilities. Having these systems planned, maintained, supported and properly lifecycled is a crucial part of creating an environment than can make for more efficient learning. This improves the school’s success in attracting and keeping good students and faculty, ultimately affecting the bottom line.

For corporate and government organizations, AV is often an important aspect of the organization’s operation. Auditoriums that serve both the employees and the public, conference rooms that serve project teams, board rooms that support executive activities, and training facilities for employees and customers. Beyond these presentation and videoconferencing systems, there may be more systems such as digital signage and other specialty AV spaces such as museums and network operation centers.

Managed How?

There are lots of issues around how AV is managed in an organization. They all have to do with asking the right questions—and answering them! Here are some of these questions, along with some others you, your facilities people, your users or your customers might be asking about these issues:

  • How much AV do we have and how do we keep track of it?
    (How did we end up with so much?)
  • How do we budget for future systems?
    (Why is AV always a suprise?)
  • How much do we budget for future infrastructure?
    (Why is AV always a suprise?)
  • Is AV adequately included in the facilities development process?
    (Why is AV always a suprise?)
  • How do we manage upgrades and obsolescence?
    (Isn’t it just like HVAC?)
  • What are our procurement standards?
    (Aren’t there any good AV providers?)
  • What kind of help desk operation should we have for AV?
    (Shouldn’t it be an IT thing?)
  • What are our system design and user interface standards?
    (Why is it so hard to use?)
  • Should we develop our in-house staff for design and installation, or out-source?
    (Isn’t it just like IT?)
  • Should we develop our in-house staff for maintenance and operations, or out-source?
    (Why doesn’t the AV system work?)

We can help!

The Benefits

The goal of AV technology management is to get the most out of the part AV plays in customer service, whether it be your own employees or your external customers. The benefits are improved customer service, better AV technology employees, better knowledge of AV technologies impact on new and existing facilities, and improved ROI for AV. The idea is to create a self-sustaining platform from which the technology organization can keep the machine running smoothly, make the organization and their customers happier and more efficient.

Our Role

Technology management consulting is a new service in the AV industry, and few have the kind of experience to provide it, but we do. Having worked with hundreds of owners over the past 25 years, we’ve seen lots of ways to “do” AV in owner organizations. In addition, the founder of Technitect, Tim Cape, literally wrote the book on the process of AV technology delivery. We can help get your AV organization up and running by helping to develop plans, processes, documentation and people to create better customer satisfaction both internally and externally. See what AV Technology Management Services we offer.