AV Facility and Systems Planning

Planning for AV is just as important as general facility and services planning. We offer planning services on two levels:

  • Master/Strategic Planning where the larger view of AV in the organization needs to be established.
  • Project Programming for individual projects where user needs must be established with respect to AV.
  • Space Planning at the room level when space plans must take into account the AV needs.

Project Programming (Needs Analysis)

When a project is being initiated, especially in the facilities programming stage, the users’ needs with respect to AV need to be incorporated since AV can have a significant effect on the architecture and space planning for the facility. We can conduct a needs analysis process to develop the AV needs and help get them incorporated into the overall facility development process. For more information, see Programming User Needs for AV.

AV Master Planning

Technitect › AV Facilities & System PlanningClassroom Building Plan For any organization with a significant amount of integrated AV systems, an AV Master Plan provides a guide to integrating new AV systems and upgrading existing ones. If there is a master plan for facilities in existence or development, the AV Master Plan can be an enhancement to assist in budgeting, planning and unifying AV systems throughout the organization and it’s facilities. The AV Master Plan can include a range of information including:

  • Strategic planning for directions in AV both technologically and organizationally
  • Types of spaces requiring AV and the general types of AV needed for these spaces
  • Detailed resource information such as existing infrastructure for AV and how it is to be used
  • How AV interfaces with IT
  • Details about future AV systems including system designs and user interface guidelines

The AV Master/Strategic Plan is, of course, structured and developed according to the needs of the particular organization’s needs. The Master Planning service can be provided as a part of an architectural master plan project or standalone. Let us know if we can help.