Product Development Assistance

Developing products for the pro AV market is an interesting task in these transitional times between analog and digital, copper and fiber, baseband or ethernet. Products that used to be custom combinations of several boxes are now one DSP box. But will they sell? Products that used to be high margin are now commodities. How can you differentiate?

With our extensive industry experience, we can help with these sorts of issues in developing product by meeting with your designers and engineers to provide input directly to them as well as educate your staff about the bigger picture of what happens to products in the wild, and in the context of integration and ownership.

Performance Testing and Reporting

We can also assist manufacturers in developing device performance specifications. This can involve audio and video electronic parameters, but our focus is on optical output testing and reporting for projectors as well as acoustical testing and reporting procedures and parameters (appropriate especially for projectors, but any AV noisemaker, particularly ones with fans!).