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Entering or refining your place in the pro AV market can be challenging. For outsiders, what pro AV sometimes appears to be is not often how it really is, and it’s a very diverse and complex market to navigate.

We can help by providing insight on how many aspects of the AV industry work, including:

  • How pro AV is different from consumer AV
  • How independent consultants are different from system integrators.
  • How products are provided and selected by AV providers.
  • How end-users may or may not need to interact with a manufacturer.

Tim Cape has over 25 years consulting experience in the pro AV industry, has written for many AV trade magazines including 5 years as the founding author of Pro AV Magazine’s monthly “Consultant’s Connection” column, and was the co-author of the AV Best Practices book published InfoComm International in 2005. He has also been active in many capacities in major industry associations so he has both an intimate and bird’s-eye view of the industry. See Tim’s bio for more information.