Determining User Needs for AV

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Determining user needs is one of the most important tasks for any space or building, and AV is probably the most important low voltage system to program during architectural programming. Why? Because unlike other low voltage technologies like sound masking or even data telecom, AV can affect the user space architecture dramatically, even requiring additional floor-to-floor height, not to mention acoustical wall constructions, projection screen accommodation, expanded room seating layouts, tiered floors and modified lighting systems.

The users’ needs also determine what AV systems are required, and during the program phase, the needs analysis results in the required functionality of the systems that can then be used by the AV designer to develop the systems.

The Program Report

We work alongside the integration team to develop the AV program for use by the AV team for design, by the architectural team for determining the initial impact of AV on the project, and by the owner as documentation, buy-in and verification of the users’ needs as the project progresses.

The program report also provides the basis for AV scope verification throughout the project. The report includes:

  • Functional and conceptual AV system descriptions
  • Preliminary floor plans and seating layouts
  • Opinions of probable costs
  • “Heads-up” issues such as additional lighting, conduit, power, data and acoustical concerns that may affect the rest of the project team.

In some cases, a benchmarking tour is conducted during the program phase to review other similar facilities.

Technitect › Audiovisual Best Practices: Program Plan

The AV Best Practices book has a list of over 95 questions that apply to AV program data gathering.

You can download a PDF here