AV Systems and Infrastructure Design

We work as a part of the project design team to provide complete AV design services. We provide two basic options for AV system design services:

  • Option one is a limited role where we provide AV systems programming services and prepare an RFP for a design-build contract based on the program report. We then act as the project team’s AV technical representative reviewing designs and submittals, eventually commissioning the systems if needed. This option can also include base building infrastructure design for the AV systems.
  • Option two is the full suite of design services depending on the project size, where all of the services below would be provided.

Available services include:

AV Systems Programming

Technitect › Services for Integrators: User NeedsProgram phase services include reviewing existing documentation, meeting with the end users, and developing the AV program report that augments with the architectural program. In some cases there may be a benchmarking tour. The report includes system descriptions with opinions of probable costs. See more about programming services here.

Base Building Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design during the architectural design phases including recommendations for base building items such as:

  • Conduit
  • Power
  • Data
  • HVAC
  • Acoustics
  • Lighting
  • Architectural Requirements
  • Furniture Design

AV Systems Design

AV systems design (based on the AV program) which can range from development of an RFP for design-build of AV systems to complete design bid package for bidding depending on the project.

Construction Monitoring

During the construction phase, base building construction and AV system assembly are monitored for adherence to the design intent. Submittals are reviewed and punch lists developed as needed.


AV system checkout and commissioning including the review of the required test reports from the integrator, on-site system checkout, and recommendation to the owner for acceptance of the system when appropriate. An important part of this period is to designate the date of substantial completion of the system for the system warranty start, which is almost always different from the base building date.


Training of the end users, both technical and non-technical is essential for the success of the project. We provide on-site training with the users, and can develop training materials if needed.