AV Lighting Design

Technitect › Services for Architects: AV Lighting DesignLighting is crucial to the success of any AV installation whether it is a simple presentation system or a complex videoconferencing system. Some of the issues are:

  • Too much light on the display creates a washed-out low-contrast image.
  • Too little light in the rest of the room may mean that the attendees may not be able to see take notes or perform another task.
  • There may need to be a lot of light on attendees and a presenter for videoconferencing, but a much lower level of light on the display area.
  • Even if the light levels are correct, sometimes the lighting design can create glare for the participants that increases fatigue.
  • Shades may be required to provide adequate daylight reduction for exterior rooms.

Services for lighting include lighting criteria recommendations, reviews, and design for AV and multimedia spaces. Lighting control system design and programming are also important to AV system design and access to features that support sustainable design parameters.